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Access Problems caused by memory issues

ChrisAVWoodChrisAVWood Posts: 361
edited July 25, 2012 1:06PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
This is on a W2K3R2 SQL2005 32_bit server currently running moving to 7.1 shortly.

We believe that this is a process that must be leaking memory causing this so I just want to confirm.

It starts off with a backup job thats fails with a VDI 1010 error that throws an SQL error 3013 followed by an SQL error 18210 BackupVirtualDeviceSet::Initialize: Request large buffers failure on backup device 'SQLBACKUP_4A05EA30-4CCE-4FE8-8817-CBA59951F70C'. Operating system error 0x800705aa(error not found).
This gets followed by another backup job failing with SQL error 18452: Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. or with SQL error -2147467259: Cannot generate SSPI context and SQL error -2146893056: SQL Network Interfaces: Not enough memory is available to complete this request.

This only started to happen last week when we believe a new process was introduced that could be leaking memory.

I am hoping I have provided enough info that my memory concern can be confirmed.


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    The error messages seem to suggest an issue with the SQL Server memory space. If you run
    EXEC master..sqbmemory
    it should give you an overview of the SQL Server memory details. There are probably DMVs' that can give you a more detailed picture of how the memory is being used by the SQL Server process.
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    Thanks Pete.

    I was running jobs that looked at the VAS but this was not the problem. Now I have added the sqbmemory check as well and look for situations where the memory goes low.

    This is happening every day but at random times so I am unsure what is causing the problems.

    English DBA living in CANADA
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