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log files not automatically backed up on new DBs

dudeguydudeguy Posts: 2
edited July 21, 2012 12:04AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
The nature of our environment requires us to create new DBs often. Using the "All Databases" option in SQL Backup it will automatically create a full and differential backup, at the next scheduled time for the new DB. However, it won't start performing trans backups on the new DB until you modify the job.

Is there a way to solve this?


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Could you please check the script for the transaction log backup job? Does it name the databases explicitly e.g.

    BACKUP LOGS [db1, db2, ...] TO ...

    If so, you'll need to add new databases to the list as and when they are created. You could amend the list to back up the transaction log for all databases running full/bulk logged recovery models e.g.

    BACKUP LOGS [*] TO ...

    or use an exclusion list e.g.

    BACKUP LOGS EXCLUDE [db1, db2] TO ...

    which will back up all databases running full/bulk logged recovery models except those listed.

    However, the last 2 options will not automatically run a full backup if the transaction log backup job runs before the full backup. The next version of SQL Backup (7.2) will address this.
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