ERROR - There was an entry in the default trace which ...

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There was an entry in the default trace which did not have an associated user.

I get this every time I open a particular DB in SSMS Object Explorer. It is also displayed if I try to commit changes to source control. What does it mean?

Initially this DB worked, and we already have revisions in SVN from it. Then one day this started happening. Now I can't commit.

Any ideas?

Bob :(


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    We've had a couple of other instances of this reported in the past, and it seems to occur when access to the server is attempted by an account where there's no associated user. In the case of one customer, it's where NT AUTHORITY\System was accessing the server, but there was no associated SQL Server user to that Windows login. Once one had been created, the problem went away. So to begin with, ensure that any Windows accounts accessing the server have a valid associated SQL Account.
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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