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Error with Get Latest operation

maturmelmaturmel Posts: 27

I am consistently failing over a Get Latest operation with the following error message:
Failed to update file from source control: [DatabaseObjectId: Name=aspnet_Applications, Owner=dbo, ObjectType=Table]. Following objects were no-oped System.Collections.Generic.List`1[RedGate.SQLSourceControl.Engine.Model.DatabaseObjectId]. Last objects no-oped were System.Collections.Generic.List`1[RedGate.SQLSourceControl.Engine.Model.DatabaseObjectId].

This is happening with all my local databases that are linked to Vault's source control repository. All are "Dedicated database" model.

The common element here is that the branches root folder were renamed as we are re-orchestrating the way we manage our branches internally. Everything else (Visual Studio, for instance) followed the change without any bad consequence. But things seem to react differently in SQL Source Control.

I have already tried unlinking/relinking the databases, restoring them, etc. If I create a blank new database, and link it to the same repository base folder, and for that specific database it works. But I still wish to preserve my local data that I had in my database prior to the rename folder. In other words, starting a new DB from scratch brings a pain load of other tasks I would need to do to get my environment functionnal again.

I have deleted everything potentially getting in the way in the AppData folder for Source Control 3:
- VaultClean folder's subfolders
- WorkingBases folder
- LinkedDatabases.xml and TableDataConfigs.xml
- Transients-Vault folder's subfolders

All of it didn't change a thing to my problem.

I need help to get back on tracks and be able to work.


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    For the record I was trying again from a brand new database, first Get Latest brought all the tables in, then crashed on updating the RedGateDatabase.xml file, and then I'm back to the error mentionned in original post when trying to refresh Get Latest tab again.

    I am at a complete stop with this error. Any pointers welcome.
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