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Using SDK 10 to compare database backup with live database


I am looking for sample code to data compare a database backup file with a live database, and process the differences into the live database.
Background info: the backup file is from a production server and the live database is a test server which should be updated to the latest version, including data.

When searching the RedGateWiki I found a page which describes that this is possbile, and even has a link to a sample project:
Page: http://sdk.red-gate.com/index.php/SQL_Comparison_SDK
Project: http://sdk.red-gate.com/uploads/5/5d/SD ... Backup.zip

But that sample project is created with an old version of the Comparison SDK, which does not compile against version 10.
For instance, the references "RedGate.SQL.Shared" and "RedGate.SQLCompare.BackupReader" doesn't exist in version 10 anymore.

Where can I find an up-to-date sample for this scenario?

Kind regards,


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