"Continuous profiling" dropped/removed?

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As a follow up to this one:

http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... 2812#52812

I found your documentation on how to set up continous profiling:

http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... figuration

First, I downloaded and installed ANTS Profiler 7.3 on my Windows web server machine. Next I was looking for the "Continuous Profiling Configuration Tool" but did not find it.

My question:

Any idea how to set up continous profiling?



  • Hi Uwe - thanks for the message.

    We included an early access build of the continuous profiling tool in ANTS Performance Profiler 7.0, but removed it in version 7.2 and later releases. The feedback we got on the early access builds suggested that most users wanted the fuller-featured analysis tools of our desktop-based ANTS Performance Profiler, rather than the limited web UI we implemented with continuous profiling. We're now exploring ways to integrate the continuous profiler into the main ANTS Performance Profiler tool, to try to give users both the flexibility of leaving the profiler "always on" for an ASP.NET site and the analytical power of the main APP UI.

    If you were finding continuous profiling useful, we'd love to hear from you: we're trying to understand what use cases it helped with, and how we could better support those with the main tool. If you'd be interested in letting us know more about your experience, please send us an email: [email protected] .
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