Error on v3 Commit Changes tab: Timeout expired.

georhillgeorhill Posts: 20
Rest of error msg: " The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding."

Began getting these timeout errors on source controlled databases yesterday. There has been some increase in database use but users are not complaining about database response time.

Is there a way to determine what the "timeout period" is and, if necessary, change it?


  • Hmm. Are lots of users getting these errors? Does unlinking and relinking the database/s sort anything out?
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
  • Andy, Thanks for your response. All our SQL Source Control users (2) were having this issue. We had our network team reboot the SQL Server cluster machines over the weekend and the problem has gone away. I suspect some kind of network connectivity issue but don't know the root cause.
  • Right, OK. Glad to hear it cleared up - let me know if it starts happening again, and I'll try and get to the bottom of it!
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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