Option "Force column order" not working

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I am using the latest version of SQL Compare and want to compare a database against a source control in particular a script folder.

When I look at the differences for the tables SQL Compare ignores the option "Force column order" which is disable.
I have a column in both tables but not in the same order. On the database side it's nearly on the end of the table and on the snapshot (script folder) it's completely on the end of the table.

What I make wrong that this option take no affect by SQL Compare?

Thanks, for any advice.


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    Thanks for your post- so, to confirm, you have NOT selected "force column order", and SQL Compare shows the table as different still, is that right?

    If there are other differences, then the table will be seen as different, and because of the way the display works, it'll still show the column order being different too (other differences could be extended properties, index names etc etc).

    If you can't spot the difference, then it may be that it's not visible, or there's perhaps something else strange going on, in which case, please email the file from the script folder and also the table definition from the database (script it out to a CREATE TO window) and send over to [email protected] so we can look into it. If you do this, please quote F0062272 in the subject line.
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  • rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    Yes, I haven't selected the option "force column order".

    Thanks, for your information about other differences on the object. Because, I had other differences on my object. I was confused why SQL Compare display me the wrong column order, too.
    After resolving the other difference on my object SQL Compare didn't displayed the object again as a difference, although the column order is still not the same.

    Thanks, for your advice.
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    Glad that's explained it!
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