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Dialog boxes in 7.1

edited July 6, 2012 9:38PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
If from the Tools menu you go to 'Server Options, and from there - click on the Email Settings tabs, the field titles are a bit off (overlapped by the field they are listing).

This is being seen on a workstation copy of the app, running Windows 7. This is not an issue with the licensed copy that I have out on a 2003 R2 64bit version of the server OS.


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    What resolution are you running at when you see this happening on Windows 7? I tried this out on a Win7 machine and am not seeing the issue.

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    I wondered if perhaps that didn't have something to do with it...I have a 3 monitor setup.

    1. Mobile PC Display / 1920 X 1080 / Landscape / Extend desktop to this display.

    2. Acer AL2216W / 1680 X 1050 / Landscape / Extend desktop to this display.

    3. HP 2509 Series Wide LCD Monitor / 1920 X 1080 / Landscape / Extend desktop to this display.

    Each of the settings above are the 'recommended' settings, but regardless to which screen I have the dialog box in - all 3 show the fields overlapping the field title to the left.

    Oh also - I found one other thing, and this has nothing to do with the display (and I will post this in a new post if you wish), but I noticed just recently that if you right click on a completed backup job that is not using compression (like a Transaction Log), the 'Properties' dialog box shows the file size, and then a compressed size, but when you go out into the main window again - it shows the compressed size from the dialog box as being the 'Uncompressed Size'.

    Not to nitpick, but that's kinda off...
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