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Nothing happends running against a .exe

staggerlee011staggerlee011 Posts: 19 Bronze 1

im trying to look at the performance of a .net app we have that runs off a .exe

typically the users connect via a shortcut that links to a exe on the server.

If i try and run a ANTS Per on it .. the application will load up. But when i clikc around the GUi nothing shows up in the

But using say processes explorer i can see network requests and io going on.

Any ideas on what im missing to get it reporting? for me...


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    I can suggest some workarounds- is this, by any chance, a .Net 4 exe?

    If so- try the "attach-to-process" or "sampling" mode of profiling.

    My guess is that ANTS is profiling the wrong process so "attach-to-process" is your best chance of profiling the correct process.
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    staggerlee011staggerlee011 Posts: 19 Bronze 1

    and thanks for the reply..

    Im afraid im a complete novice on this.. How would i tell which version is uses?

    Where could i make the suggestions you said? I cant seem to find them..
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    I guess it might be quickest to ask the person who created the application- they will know if its .Net 4 or not.

    The profiling options are on the profiling setup screen that ANTS presents before you start profiling. Look for the 'Profiling mode' drop down.
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