How to Deactivate if SQL Server is no more

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We had to "destroy" a SQL Server to poach its SAN disks but didn't deactivate SQL Backup first, so we're down 1 activation.

Is there a script you could provide that will deactivate the instance, please, as we need the activation now for a SQL2012 test server.


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  • Actually being able to do as you do with the activation without Internet Connectivity would be good.

    I.E. you can post the details into a website page on your site that returns the de-activation data rather than have it fail because of not being able to connect to Red Gate and de-activating the instance as happens now.

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  • Hi, could you please email [email protected] with your serial number and we will look into this for you
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    Thanks, emailed.
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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  • We are in the same situation. Destroyed a virtual server, but did not deactivate it first (really easy to do, so it will not be the last time I am sure). How do we reclaim that license? thanks
  • There will be times when you’ll want to delete rows from a table based on data in another table. For example, suppose you want to delete rows from the SalesStaff table for only those salespeople who had no sales in the preceding year.
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