performance issues with a server on another continent

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One of my servers has moved across the atlantic. The pipe is very good, but comparing schema with a local server has become an issue.

Comparing a database between 2 local servers takes about 5 minutes (about 4,000 objects).

Comparing it between a local server and the transatlantic server takes well over an hour, which is not acceptable.

The issue it seems lies with thousands upon thousands of roundtrips which all execute DBCC PAGE

Can this behavior be modified? Are there any settings that I can change that can change this roundtripping behavior and fetch the data in one go?

thanks for any tips.


  • You could take a schema snapshot using the free SQL Snapper app and run the comparison locally? Would this work?

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    David Atkinson
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  • thank you, that would work as a workaround, but very inconvenient as opposed to direct compares.

    why does it use dbcc page anyway? it makes a round trip for every single page in the compare. any work in the pipeline to optimize it?
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