Has Source Control Just Close Management Studio?

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Management Studio has been open for about the last week or so. I had just finished writing a fairly long query around midday today and had dumped the results to Excel. Upon review in Excel I decided I should tweak my code a little. Looking at the taskbar Management Studio had gone!

I only had Outlook 2007, Firefox 13 and Excel 2007 open, so not hundreds of programs meaning I might 'miss' Management Studio.

I'm trying to find a Management Studio specific event log, which I've not found yet, however, whilst looking for it I found this:

#1:An exception occurred whilst logging the start of day information
System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
at dskquota.DiskQuotaControlClass.Initialize(String path, Boolean bReadWrite)
at RedGate.SQLSourceControl.Engine.LoggingWrapper.StartOfDayLogging.#QqG(ILogger )
at RedGate.SQLSourceControl.Engine.LoggingWrapper.StartOfDayLogging.Log(Action`1 logGenerator)

At 12:15 today, which would be about 5 mins before I was about to look to Management Studio.

It's odd that I didn't see a crash, a freeze, a prompt to save files etc.

The result is two lost queries, one taking about an hour another probably the same.

Any feedback/advice much appreciated.


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    Thanks for your post.
    The logs you posted aren't unusual (I think those error messages appear in the source control log a lot, and are probably safe to ignore). Having said that, we have had reports of some of our tools like Prompt / SQL Source Control crashing SSMS occasionally - however this has always gone in hand with an obvious "SQL Server Management Studio has stopped responding" type error. I've not heard of it silently just die before.

    A week is probably quite a long time to keep SSMS open - even if you're not shutting your machine down daily, I'd still be tempted to close down most applications to avoid potential problems.
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  • Thanks for the reply James. It's most odd that there were no prompts or crash windows etc.

    I've installed some free addin now which saves query windows every 30 seconds, so if it does happen again I'll not lose work.

    Incidentally in the most recent update to source control I did make the change mentioned in the email (I don't have the email to hand now but it was a line or two of additional code in a text file basically).

    I'm not sure if that would have an impact?
  • James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    Depends on the change- if it happens again, fairly consistently, maybe back out the change you made and see if that fixes it. If so, it gives us a starting point for potential investigation. Not heard of it from anyone else as yet though.
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