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Local Backup and Copy backup to Network

miamikkmiamikk Posts: 4 Bronze 2
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We use redgate SQL backup (V 6.5) and I just started playing with it. I got a question about "Local Backup" and "Copy backup to Network".

1. Can I specify a local drive location path in the "Network Copy Location" ? (We have a requirement to copy backup from drive to another due to disk space issue).

2. When both Backup Location and Copy backup to network are selected, does the software create a local backup in the first step and then copy the file to network location in serial operation ? (or its a parallel operation of writing to both locations simultaneously).


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Yes, you can use a local folder as the 'copy to' destination.

    Yes, the backup and copy processes are performed serially as you described. It is possible to create the backup files in parallel, using the 'Single file, mirrored to second location' option in step 3 of the backup wizard.
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