How to restore from one server to another using Sql Backup?

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Am trying to test the SQL Backup before activating it. I noticed that although we just recently purchased it, it's only version 6.5. Anyhow, when testing a restore, I'm wanting to restore from ONE SERVER and DATABASE to a DIFFERENT SERVER and Database, and cannot find that option.


  • Hi,

    You can restore a backup from one server to an existing or new database on a different server using the Restore wizard (in v6.5 and v7+) or the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard (v7+ only).

    To restore a backup to a different server using the Restore wizard:
    - On step 1 select Browse for backups to restore from the drop-down list.
    - Then specify the server you want to restore the backup to.
    - Click Add files to open the File Browser and browse for backup files to restore. Backups stored on the server you are restoring to are displayed. You can view backups stored on another server by selecting the server from the drop-down list, or clicking Add server to add another server.
    - Proceed through the rest of the wizard as normal.

    Further information, including how to restore from a different server using the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard, is available here:

    Finally, if you would like to evaluate SQL Backup 7, you can download a free trial from our website here:

    I hope that helps.


    Marianne Crowder
    Red Gate Software Limited
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