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How to look up instance names and publisher databases

SQLAdminCJSQLAdminCJ Posts: 17
Hey all,

I am writing a program using RedGate SQL Compare that syncs data between nodes in a transactional replication topology. In cases where there are more than 2 nodes, I need an automated way of creating pairings of SQL instance/database name so that I can sync all the links in the tree.

I believe this information is stored in the distribution database. I have found tables that contain the names of the publication database and subscription database (MSsubscriptions).

However, although publisher_id and subscriber_id are listed as fields, I don't see how I can use that to get the names of the SQL instances.

The MSsubscriber_info in the distribution database contains the SQL instance names of the publishers, but there is no ID column.

Does anyone know how I can obtain the publisher matched with the publication database? I would appreciate any advice anyone can give. Thanks.


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