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Feature Usage on different assemblies

Nicola.ZecchinNicola.Zecchin Posts: 3
edited June 22, 2012 7:22PM in SmartAssembly
Hi Everybody,

We have a solution composed by a main assembly .exe and many other different assembly .dlls (every one represents a different plugin).
We already implemented the error report on the whole solution and it works pretty good.
Now we want to implement also the feature usage.
So we added some calls in the main assembly .exe code and also in a single specific .dll, just to try.
When enabling the feature usage in the main .exe ('with consent dialog box on first run'), everything works fine for that assembly.
But when enabling the feature usage in the test dll (same Application name, Project name and Company name than the main assembly .exe, same option 'with consent dialog box on first run'), the main assembly .exe keeps on being tracked, while the test assembly .dll does not.

Could you please help us?



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