Suggestions for Enhancements

1) SQL Compare: If the column names in two couterpart tables match with the exception of text case, the compare shows no difference. (the option to treat items as case sensitive will result in NO match-so this is not what I want). However, the SQL DATA COMpARE ***IS*** case sensitive when it tries to find a common unique index to use in its comparison. As a result, the table does not appear in the list of possible tables that you may compare!!! If SQL Data Compare is case sensitive, the data compare should be able to point out this difference without resolting to treating the columns/tables as DIFFERENT objects but instead as the SAME object with differences!

2) You need to do more to warn the user via the GUI that two tables could not be compared because of a lack of a common unique index. Aren't you tired of answering that suport issue by now? Even though I knwo about the issue-I still want to be warned so I don't overlook the table.

3) In the Data Cmp, you have an option to specify which columns to compare. I had a case sensitivy issue on two columns, and therefore the compare was overlooking these columns. Then I had to figure out why the sqnc script did not assign values to these NON NULL columns when inserting!! Again, warn the user if not all columns are selected for compare! The Comparison Settings wizard is UNSIZABLE like most Microsft dialogs (which I #@*&# hate), and the column display is even hidden off the scrollable viewable area. Heck---add a warnings page to the wizard.

4) There should be a way to, on demand, hide the columns where the values match and only show the columns with different values. The display requires effort to identify the difference in the pair grouping approach you use.

That's my two cents.

Otherwise, thanks for a tool that saves me ma lot of work.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Thanks for your comments.

    There will be a release with a new GUI out by the middle of next year. I believe that we have all of these issues covered.

    The next version of Data Compare, if I'm not mistaken -- will allow you to toggle the data comparison's case-sensitivity on and off. All tables will be listed in a future version of Data Compare, with a flag next to them saying they couldn't be compared.

    So I'm very happy to say that we've got all of the longstanding issues with Data Compare tackled, but it's going to be awhile before we all get to see them. It's safe to say, though that the basic work has already been done and it looks like a green light for all of the above enhancements!
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