Multiple Base Monitors dumping into one Repository?

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Just wondering the the above was possible?

Basically, I've got some boxes monitored on our network, but we also have some boxes hosted "out there somewhere" - there is a constant VPN between us and the host, and SQL traffic flows freely, but the monitoring stuff (WMI etc) DOESN'T (could be firewall issues, could be untrusted domains). Splitting the monitoring duties (ie: repository/base/web at each site) works fine, but means there are two sites to browse, which is a bore.

So, to summarise, can I have:

Local Domain:
Base monitor monitoring SQL boxes down here
Web - for local & hosted data

Hosted Domain:
Base monitor monitoring SQL hosted SQL Boxes, but dumping data to repository in Local Domain.



  • Unfortunately, it isn't currently possible to have two Base Monitor services inserting data into a single data repository. It sounds like you are already using the best workaround of having two separate installs. While this is not ideal, it is technically the easier and more reliable way of doing it.
  • Hello. I'm a new user to RedGate tools, and the first one I'll test is the SQL Monitor.

    Currently we have 2 domains on my work network, so I was searching the forums for similar setups in order to know what to do.

    Do the support team has any news regarding this kind of environment? Is this supported on SQL Monitor 3.5 by now?

    I have not yet installed the services, but will do it soon and this information will be important.

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