Parsing selected backup...forever

Well it seems like forever. I'm trying to recover a table from a 4.3 GB full backup file on a local drive. I've been waiting over 30 minutes and it's still parsing the selected backup. It shoots up to 50% and then hangs.

Considering I can restore the entire database in 26 minutes I would call this too slow. I checked the logs and they don't have any errors in them. Is this normal?


  • I hope your day is off to a good start? I am contacting you in regards to this support case. I have sent you this email below in response to your post. I am posting this here for your benefit as well.

    I am really sorry about the poor experience you have had when you have tried this feature with a large backup file. Thanks for your response and feedback in this matter.

    Please note that the backup reader for OLR is sequential so for very large databases and object recovery this has performance impacts. We normally suggest using one of our other products (SQL virtual restore) to do this sort of object level recovery. If access to this data is a priority at the moment then I would suggest you install this product and then get access to the object.

    Thanks for your patience and feedback in this matter.
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