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How do I move my tests between servers? I'm looking for a way to import/export into SQL Test.

We have our own source control software and I want to be able to save the tests here.

You always have a choice


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    This is probably more of a tSQLt question, so it would be better to ask at the tSQLt forum. It does look like you can do it, though, by installing SQL Test on the new server (if you are going to a new server), add the database to SQL Test, and copy the schema and data to the new database.

    The tests you write are in a schema identified by the class name you give to SQL Test and the list of tests and results are stored in the tables and views inside the tSQLt schema for the database.

    I'd check with the tSQLt people before doing anything rash.
  • This is somewhat related to this question. When I add SQLCop static analysis tests to a database, it creates several tests by default. But there are many more SQLCop tests that exist.

    How do I create and manage the set of default tests I want installed everytime I add the tests to a database? I would like to be able to package these as part of a standard practice and provide to each of my developers to run as a set of tests.

    So the question is...

    where are these tests initially defined and how can I add more to this default set?

    And if I choose to create additional sets, perhaps under a different grouping, that are customized to our organization, how do I package them for distribution?

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