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edited December 12, 2005 9:40AM in DTS Package Compare 2
I'm trying to filter the Data Source Name (usually server name for SQL Server connections), so that this difference doesn't show up as a difference when comparing packages between servers.

I've set the DataSource under Connection2 to Show but don't compare, but it still shows as different - under Connections, conn_name, ConnectionProperties, DataSource. It looks like the only way I can filter this is to filter out all ConnectionProperties, which is not ideal.

I don't know if that's because I'm not setting the correct filter item, or there's no appropriatiate filter item other than connection properties, or if it's a bug.

I'd post screen shots if the forum supported it, but it doesn't directly, and I don't have somewhere I can host pictures.

Anyway, that leads to the suggestion. An alternate view for the filtering pane - a simple list, sortable by the property name or the path to the property, and perhaps filterable in turn using a search phrase.

That way I could search for data source and find all properties with data or source in them, and thus see which ones I could/should filter out.




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    Hi Bernard,

    You're quite right, at the moment you have to filter out Connection Properties as a whole or not at all.

    This is because our filtering is based on typed objects, and whilst the Connection2 object containing the property "Connection Properties" is typed, Connection Properties itself is just a generic collection, and its contents are generic properties. The current filtering doesn't support such generic collections.

    We had some rather nice plans to enhance the filtering for DTS Package Compare, to make it even more friendly and comprehensive. Given we're now rather close to release, I don't think these plans are going to make it into this version. But as and when future versions come out this area is definitely one I'd like to look at.

    All the best,

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