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Hello -

I have 4 physical servers in my PROD environment, and each one of them has RedGate SQL Backup installed on them. Of the 4 - only 1 has version 7 (recently updated to SQL Backup The other 3 are on SQL Backup 6.

I want to include those servers in my list of servers from my SQL Backup 7 installation, but am wondering if when I have to update the server components if this is going to cause an issue. I have tried to run updates for the SQL Backup 6 installs, but all I receive is an offer for a 14-day evaluation of SQL Backup 7.

Is there a way for me to use my one install of SQL Backup 7 to manage all of my current PROD boxes? Or will the other 3 have to be upgraded to SQL Backup 7 first? I understand that your licensing is per server instead of per processor (for physical servers).

Thank you for your time!


  • Hi,

    As you say, SQL Backup is licensed per server. If your current v6 licenses include support and upgrades, you can upgrade to v7 for free. To do this, upgrade to the v7 trial, then use your existing serial number to activate the license.

    If you do not want to upgrade the server components, you can still register the servers with v6 server components in your SQL Backup v7 user interface. (See for instructions on how to do this.) An icon will be displayed to indicate that the server components do not match the version of the UI. You will still be able to perform backup and restore operations on these servers from the v7 UI, although some features will not be available (this is indicated in the wizards). You can also restore backups taken with v6 on servers running v7 and vice versa. See for more information.

    I hope that helps.


    Marianne Crowder
    Red Gate Software Limited
  • Thank you Marianne! That is perfect information, and I do appreciate it.
  • Marianne wrote:
    ...To do this, upgrade to the v7 trial, then use your existing serial number to activate the license...

    Sorry to sound like such a dolt here, but where exactly can I find the serial number in the software? I know - this should be documented, but I am a contract consultant, and have been asked to try and upgrade our version 6 installs (to see if our support agreement is still active). If not - we will pay for the upgrade, but no one seems to know where the numbers are at (outside of the possibility that you can tell me where to find them in the SQL Backup 6 app).

    Can I find it in the app somewhere?
  • Hi,

    Your serial number is included on your invoice. You can also view which serial number you are using on a particular server from within the app, by opening the UI, selecting the server, then selecting Deactivate license from the Actions menu. The Deactivate serial numbers dialog will open and displays the serial number you are using on that server. Click Cancel if you don't want to deactivate that serial number.

    You can also retrieve your serial numbers by going to and entering your email address and password.

    Once you have found your serial number, you can use our Upgrade Center ( to find out if you have a support and upgrades license, and the cost of upgrading if you don't.

    Alternatively, contact us at [email protected] and we can look up the details for you.


    Marianne Crowder
    Red Gate Software Limited
  • Again - perfect information! Thank you again Marianne!
  • Hi Marianne!

    Are those essentially the same steps I would need to move RedGate Backup to new servers? If not, can you please point me to a doc that describes that process?

    We have purchased a number of RedGate licenses and implemented SQL Backup 7 for some of the SQL servers that I manage. I am in progress building newer, stronger SQL servers for several of those systems and we will be retiring the old ones as soon as the new ones come on line.

    I can probably get through the data migrations with a trial copy of SQL Backup, but I want to move our existing RedGate licenses to the new servers so we can continue using your tools on the new servers.

    Thanks much!

    Marck Smith
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