DEFECT: 5.3.2 - Script as ALTER shows as modified

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When we right-click in Object Explorer and either "Modify" or "Script as ALTER", SSMS gives us the script and there's no "*" to show a modified script exists in the window.

However, hovering over, say, a UDF or SP, then right-click and take the SQL Prompt "Script as ALTER" option, it produces the same script but it leaves a "*" as if I had made a modification, which I haven't.

This is confusing and inconsistent with SSMS behavior.

Please fix (should be a simple thing :wink: )
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  • Hi PDinCA,

    I agree that it's pretty annoying to be asked to save these ALTER scripts on shutting down SSMS, when you have no need to do so (especially if you've been hitting F12 many times during the session). This is an issue we've logged before as SP-3443.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a trivial fix as you might think. Anything SQL Prompt does with query tabs and suchlike involves using SSMS's undocumented API, so it may be tricky to work out how to unset the "modified" flag, if indeed it can be done at all.
    Paul Stephenson
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    Thanks, Paul. Sad that Microsoft encourages VS integration then has only an undocumented API to support script generation. Bit short-sighted methinks.

    Hope you can work it out...
    Jesus Christ: Lunatic, liar or Lord?
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