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Hi Guys,
I think I have an issue with SQL Source Control.
I have a SPROC that takes the next value from a sequence (SQL Server 2012) and uses it across several statements. The problem is that after I check it in SQL Source Control complains about a parse error "at line 11, column 7" which is the CREATE PROCEDURE line, column 7 is the space between create and procedure words...
I found out that if I remove the following line from the SPROC
SET @MyId = NEXT VALUE FOR dbo.MySequence
everything is back to normal and both Get latest and Commit tabs work perfectly fine, no parse errors reported.
Please advise on this issue.
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    Hi Janos,

    SQL Source Control and SQL Compare do not yet support the new object-types introduced in SQL Server 2012.

    We plan to add support for the new objects incrementally, starting with Columnstore indexes and File table support. Customer demand will dictate what new objects we add support for next, so with that in mind you could add a suggestion to our user feedback site - UserVoice- asking for Sequence support.

    So, just to confrim - SQL Source Control works with SQL Server 2012 SSMS and can connect to SQL Server 2012 databases - but can only understand SQL Server 2005/2008 compatible objects.

    Best regards,
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    Redgate Software
  • Hi Chris,
    crystal clear explanation, thank you.
    I have added the idea to UserVoice.
    Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • Has this seriously still not been resolved?

    SQL Source Control has just become completely useless to my company. I can't check anything in and I can't compare anything. What is the deal?
  • The thing kinda pisses me off is the fact that SQL Source Control has the ability to check in NEXT VALUE FOR [dbo].[TableName] but it can't read it once it has been checked in. I don't get it, it is just text. I understand not being able to check the actual Sequence in, but this is just a default value or a line of a Stored Proc.

    What is the deal?

    I am dead in the water with this product. This product is currently useless.
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