Data Compare for tables with Different Name.

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In my source DB table is named "t_Address".
But on my target table is named "Address".

"Data Compare for Oracle" is not recognizing them as same table, thus not giving me an option to edit "Where"

Is there any way I can get around?


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    Hi n3xus

    Thank you for your post into the Data Compare for Oracle.

    Data Compare for Oracle recognises the "t-Address" table in the source to be a different table to the "Address" table in the target and does not map them.

    Sadly, unlike our SQL Data Compare, Data Compare for Oracle does not have a Table Mapping feature where you could manually map the "t-Address" table in the source to the "Address" table in the target. Therefore I have added the details of this forum post to an existing Feature Request to compare tables of different names. The reference number for this Feature Request is ODC-179. Hopefully this feature will appear in a future version of the Data Compare for Oracle product.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
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  • Thanks for the reply.
  • "This would be very useful. And quite essential to our organization."

    I second this!

  • Hi

    Just started using Redgate. Impressed with the speed but yes - same request that it should be able to compare a table with a different name.

    If it started as a SQL Server tool that has been ported to Oracle, do enhancements in the SQL Server version not automatically get added to the Oracle one ?

    This call was logged in May so has there been any enhancements since then ?

  • No the code was forked a long time ago and subsequently cleaned up.

    Data Compare table mapping will be the next big feature to be added to the tool and in fact in theory the engine already supports it, I hope to have something ready sometime this year.


    (currently concentrating on Git support in Source Control for Oracle and storage options in the Schema Compare engine)
    Richard Mitchell
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software Ltd
  • Actually I should have mentioned, the best way to know when this is happening is to watch the user voice topic. ... tablenames
    Richard Mitchell
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    Red Gate Software Ltd
  • Is this still not available? I still don't see the option in the latest version. :(
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    have you tested creating a view with the same name to be able to compare Table / View ?


  • Hi @fmoritz

    Thanks for your post. 

    Please check the Data Compare for Oracle documentation page for the feature list. 
    It is linked below.

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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    Is it possible to compare huge data, like in terabytes. I mean table compare.

    Also Which version of this tool is compatible with Oracle 9i


  • Hi @Ami

    Thanks for your post. 

    Yes this would in theory be possible. The limiting thing factor is the comparison process creates TMP files and there needs to be enough space for these to be created. 

    We do support 9i. Please check the documentation link below for requirements.

    You can also search key words in the top right for queries you might have on functionality. 

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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