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{smartassembly} Unpacker. Please make it more secure

alexjalexj Posts: 2
edited May 18, 2012 8:40AM in SmartAssembly
I was searching in the Internet for a secure Solution for my Projects now I have found a Unpacker for the new Version of Smartassembly which makes me not sure if I should buy this Product.

The solution is: https://github.com/0xd4d/de4dot

It is a Decompiler for lots of Obfuscators. Will there be a Update to make everything more secure. Is anything coming from the Devolopers for this?

I hope this will be soon fixed so that I can buy and use Smartassembly for my Projects soon.

Kind regards,


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    Added in SmartAssembly 6.6 Pro, Method Parent Obfuscation is a new obfuscation method that no current decompiler can undo.

    However, no obfuscation method is completely secure; once your application is on a user's computer, there is nothing to stop them from trying to either reverse it or crack it; I recently wrote a blog post covering exactly this issue.
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    I did some tests with this deobfuscator.

    Yes, it just deobfuscate my project (exe) but it is still useless. I did not use Method Parent Obfuscation either. Just in trial mode and it is still secure! I can't even think the method parent obfuscation level protection after i purchase the product.

    Anyway, to be more clear, it just decode namespaces as ns0, ns1, ns2, ns3 and etc... Forms are renamed like Form0, Form1, Form2 and etc.. Classess are renamed like Class1 and Class2... Methods are still secure. The visible part renamed like method_1 method_2 and etc..

    So, SmartAssembly (from my perspective) is still secure.

    I am not targeting uncrackable exe/dll here. I all need and many of us is protecting our Source Code from 100% reverse engineered and extracted from exe/dll. Smart Assembly quite polite to doing this. It just protect our code. Simply, it just works.

    If i am right, this is what SmartAssembly does and provide. Everything is crackable at some point. But the source code part can be protected. So, who wants to extract source code from the exe/dll they will just see useless and mixed codes inside of it. Basically, it still just works. :)

    Of course, in small projects source code -even if its not readable- can be reversed and probably it will work. But in big projects it will be a break at some point.

    For now, who decode/deobfuscate your project, he/she won't understand which methods belongs to which part of your program.

    Just want to share my knowledge with everyone who reading this topic.
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