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NullReferenceException When Requesting Reports

martincostellomartincostello Posts: 21
edited May 11, 2012 10:56AM in SmartAssembly

I've just setup SmartAssembly with our custom reporting server, but everytime I attempt to download reports from it using the SmartAssembly client I get a NullReferenceException.

I've submitted the error reports from SmartAssembly to yourselves, but there's no detail available for me to think where to start troubleshooting the issue.

Any insights into what's wrong and/or what to fix would be appreciated. I'm trying to release some software using SmartAssembly by next Friday (18th May), so a prompt response would be helpful.



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    We've got your exception reports, thanks for reporting them. This exception was actually hiding another exception; in your case, an incorrect password when trying to login to the webservice to download new reports. Have you overridden the login password when you set up the custom reporting server?
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    Ah - yes, we did try to set that up initially, but it didn't seem to quite work. It's possible we left it in a miscofigured state,

    Could you clarify for me exactly what settings we should configure in the web service so that only people using a copy of SmartAssembly with the licence key of either our Professional or Developer edition of SmartAssembly can download the reports?

    Thanks for the prompt response,
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    Verify that everyone using the custom webservice is configured to use the same license key and SQL Server instance (everyone should be using the same SQL Server, not local .mdb files), and that no one has specified a password override in any SmartAssembly.settings file
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    Yes, it turned out that the problem was that I had configured the Web Service with the Professional Edition licence key used by our build server, rather than using the Developer Edition licence key that people would use to view the reports.

    Switching the key has stopped the NullReferenceException from occuring.

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