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I just checked and found Seems it was created a few days ago. I take it that this is the latest generally available build. It there a fix list with this build? I would also assume that everything in is included?


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    7.0.3 fixes an issue whereby if a DBCC CHECKDB fails, the affected database is still dropped even if you used the DROPDBIFSUCCESSFUL option.

    All patches in should be in 7.
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  • Can I ask that you post a current version/build to this forum so we can all see when a new build has been made generally available or is this posted somewhere else?

    I found out about by checking for upgrades on the upgrade center page and then later by opening the backup GUI on one of my servers that showed the upgrade available.


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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks very much for the suggestion. We will post details of the latest releases, and the bug fixes they include, on this forum.


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  • Marianne,

    You we vert true to your word as I see the post.


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