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Failure with Pocket PC App (Compact Framework 3.5)

seckincannseckincann Posts: 2
edited October 24, 2012 9:27AM in SmartAssembly
Hi, we have an application for pocket pc (windows mobile 6.5). It contains some dlls that we coded. When we deploy or move the files it runs without any error. I wanted to make a single exe and obfuscate it. When i move the exe to device, it gives ...exe is not a valid Pocket PC application. We use smart assembly We added all the assamblies that needed. But same error. Any ideas? Thanks...


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    Apologies for this. It's a new bug (reference SA-1387. Please downgrade to version 6.2 which you can get here:

    http://downloads.red-gate.com/checkforu ... .2.215.exe
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    I was looking for some updated information about this bug.

    We are using the latest SmartAssembly ( and the exact problem is happening for our .Net Cf 3.5 application as well. We have tried all the minimum settings to maximum settings with no success.

    We have downgraded to the previous version of SmartAssembly like suggested which has fixed the error temporarily. However, we are now using 2 versions of SmartAssembly to secure different applications.

    Is there any timeframe on this fix in the upcoming versions of SmartAssembly?
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