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Filegroups and how to specify Full or Differential

edited May 13, 2012 7:27AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Forgive the newbie question here, but we are doing some tests right now on backup routines, and are wanting to know if we do choose the Filegroup option to do backups with (much the way you have to do this with T-SQL or from the GUI in SSMS), is there a way to specify (a switch of some sort, or a checkbox in the Backup 6 GUI) to make sure it is a Full backup, or a Differential backup?

This is being used against a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, SP3 installation, and we have approximately 30 different Filegroups that make up various parts of the database. Just want to be able to get back to a moment in time, as accurately as possible to any kind of data loss outage, in similar fashion to an old-school Full/Diff/TLog routine.

Thank you, and forgive me if I missed this in searching your topics out here (I didn't see anything straight away along these lines...).



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