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Preview Data Generation/Cancelling Preview Takes REALLY long

Generating preview data of just 5 rows can take a crazy long time (5,6,10 minutes). Preview data is generated every time a table is selected, the generation criteria is change, or application defaults are changed.

I need to cancel the preview so I can complete my task. However, cancelling the preview generation can take a really, really, really crazy long time.

I have spent several hours already today just tweaking an existing project. It took a full work day to initially create it.

I want to set the manual foreign to "repeat keys" instead of "all keys unique" which would prevent the generation of specified 1 million rows - which isn't discovered until the actual data generation fails. Should this take 5 or 10 minutes per table to make such a small change?

The project has 28 tables. My workstation has 8 GB of ram and a Core i7 quad-core, hyper threaded CPU.

Task manager shows 4 cores of 8 in use. I'm guessing Data Generator 2 deadlocks.


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    James BJames B Posts: 1,124 Silver 4
    The preview should be pretty quick - do you definitely mean the preview in the screen of Data Generator itself? I can't think of any reason why 5 rows should take anything like that time, it should be effectively instant. My copy of Data Generator is still set to the default 100 rows on the preview and it's instant - even to a server on a different continent via VPN.
    There's an initial delay where it first reads the schema; but even then this is only a few seconds.

    Have you tried installing it on a different machine to see if the problem persists? I'm not even sure the preview rows touch the database (they are just virtual rows in the tool itself) so I don't think even deadlocks would account for this.
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    Redgate Software

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    I am having the same issue as corycissell running SDG Version I have my laptop using SDG to connect to a remote server on our network. and anytime I do anything in SDG it wants to refresh the preview data. And it takes a VERY LONG time to let it finish AND a VERY LONG time to CANCEL if you choose to do that.

    Any help?

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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,793 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Doug, thank you for your forum post.

    If you increase the logging level to verbose (Help menu ->Logging ->Minimum Log Levels) and repeat the steps you took previously. On completion, review the log file and there any entries that may help explain the problem?

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Senior Product Support Engineer
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    Email: support@red-gate.com
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