How to view Profiler logs


Is there any way how to view partial results of ANTS profiler?
We have a bunch of files named "resultsX_YY.partial" each 20MB, altogether - 800MB. We need to view these results.

What happened was:
We installed ANTS performance profiler 7 on customers production environment. After some time performance of system decreased so dramatically, that system administrator decided to restart server.
We started profiler again and after 45min we had to stop it. Profiler switched to 'waiting' mode and nothing changed for the next 3 days (weekend). After 3 days we noticed that all application pools had stopped because of "No free space" error. Profiler had generated 6GB of some logs. To restart application pools, profiler was terminated manually and those 6GB deleted. All that's left - those 800MB partial results.

Also, how can I change the location for profilers log files?

Many thanks in advance!


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