Big Problems After Branching

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Just noticed that the '.migrationScript' files have the source control location for the scripts they are used for (under the 'ScriptFolderLocation' elements) - turns out this is what was breaking my migration scripts after branching in Subversion. Is anyone currently looking into this?

Even editing these files in the branch (which will then want to merge back to trunk later which is a bit of a pain) doesn't seem to fix it. If this must be stored in source control, can it be stored once in a separate file in the migration scripts folder? Even better if it was not stored at all and used another method to verify that the migration script is applicable (although for most scenarios, I can't see them ever being not applicable).

I've tried re-creating the scripts, but the SQL Source Control 3 UI doesn't allow me to specify revisions prior to the branch (?!?!) so I can't just re-create them either. There seem to be lots of issues with migration scripts at present - is this feature production-ready?


  • Some more information - I believe that just as the UI for SSC doesn't show versions prior to the branch for migration scripts, that they similarly aren't considered when looking for migration scripts to apply. It seems that as far as SQL Compare (v10.1) is concerned, these revisions don't exist in the branch. Could this be the case?
  • Thanks for your post.

    Unfortunately, migrations doesn't support working across branches at the moment. Here is a brief explanation why.

    It's looking more and more common that people need it to work between branches, so it's something that we need to find a way to support. The development team are currently looking into it, but I'm not sure when it will be available.
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