Performance Profiler results in a vm (VirtualBox)

I'm running my development environment in a VirtualBox vm and I'm trying to profile our application and am running into some very odd results. I've looked online and the only "gotcha" that I can see with the profiler and vms is that it might skew the times. My problem is that I'm getting invalid results rather than just timing issues.

Our application is a .NET 4.0/Silverlight application and I'm running the profiler via the ASP.NET web (IIS) method.

Our application has a timer that polls to see if the user has logged off or timed out every x seconds (I think 30). Before this action takes place, I can select a section on the timeline and see the valid set of methods that have been called. After this action, I don't. For Profiler v7, the only methods that it shows after that polling action are the methods that took place for the polling action regardless of what I select on the timeline. I tried it in v6 and when I selected areas on the timeline, it showed absolutely nothing. No methods whatsoever. It says there's nothing to show even when there is supposed to be.

Any ideas why this might be happening?


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    Thanks for your post.

    I'm not initially sure of what's happening here. Just to confirm, you have a timer in your app that ticks every 30 seconds or so. In the timer tick event, you check something to see if a user is logged in.

    When you profile, it all works okay until the first timer tick, but you don't see any information logged after that at all? If so, then does the profiler still seem to be attached after the tick, or has it stopped profiling/disconnected? Does your application continue to respond as normal?
    It may be worth having a look in the logfile to see if there are any messages as a starting point. You can access this from the Help menu.
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  • Yes, we have a timer that kicks off every x seconds that checks for user login. Afterwards, the profiler still seems to be connected because the timeline still continues and our application still responds. When I perform actions in our application, the performance line increases/decreases as expected. It's just that when I select one of those areas on the timeline after the broadcast timer in v7 it only shows the code for the broadcast timer regardless of which area of the timeline I highlight and for v6 it says that there is no code available to see regardless of which area of the timeline I highlight.

    It's very odd.
  • I'll look at the log and see if I can see anything that stands out.
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