sql compare command line - set source directly to SVN?

jhildenjhilden Posts: 12
I'm evaluating SQL Source Control and SQL compare, I'm using the following command to compare:
sqlcompare /server1:dev02 /db1:JaySQLCompare /version1:head /server2:dev02 /db2:JaySQLCompareTarget /verbose /sync

I understand that SQL Compare looks at the extended properties of db1 to look up the source control info. That seems to work really well. I'm wondering if it would be possible to specify the source control info directly from the command line (i.e. https://svn.foo.com/trunk/...).

The practical application of this is that my development DB might be pointing to the the trunk of source control but I want to sync against a tag in source control.

As I understand it, my current work around is to un-link dev from trunk, and re-link it to my tag. That will work ok, but I like the idea of specifying the full source control path explicitly.

Thanks guys, great product!


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