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Confussion where objects have the same name

NiallNiall Posts: 36 Bronze 1
edited April 26, 2012 5:24AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
We have a large Data Warehouse where there are stages to bringing the data in and we used schemas to designate the layer.

So for instance there is a Staging table in the schema Staging_something, as well as a view of the current data in Current_something, as well as another view that shows the history in the schema History_something. To keep life simple(ish) the tables and view have the same name, ie.


As it is a data warehosue with lots of feed systems we have a moderate amount of tables, views, etc, circa 3k objects.

SQL Prompt does not seem very happy with this and will when working on a query for History_something.Account 'pop up' with columns from Current_something.Account.

This appears to have been introduced recently as a bug and does greatly devalue the use of the tool for us.


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    We're having trouble reproducing this here - can you let us know at what point in writing the query you're seeing these suggestions pop up? Screenshots would be helpful - you can email them in to support@red-gate.com and we'll try and figure out what's going on. Thanks!
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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