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SQL Backup Pro vs MS System Centers DPM

EdCardenEdCarden Posts: 137 Silver 2
edited April 23, 2012 3:59PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Currently we are using the System Center Module DPM (Data Protection Management) and while it’s great for doing restores it is less than good when it comes to backups.

We have a 250GB DB with a Recovery Model of FULL and it takes DPM the better part of 2 days to catch up (in its backups) whenever some major DB Maintenance is done such as rebuilding/reorganizing the indexes or our larger and most volatile tables.

From what I’ve been reading in the sales literature, SQL Backup Pro should be able to do backups in far less time then DPM is doing. Has anyone here worked with DPM and then switched to Backup pro or had to go from Backup Pro to DPM? How did the 2 compare?
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