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Hi, I just try to compare package on two servers.
The comparation is really fast. Great job on that.

One Package Failed to compare.
I get message:

Invalid class string reported when loading DTS package 'ImportVPN'. A required COM component or custom task is not installed on this system and has not been registered with DTS Compare, or Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library is not installed. Error code -2147221005.

The package works on both server.


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    Good morning,

    You can get this kind of message if your package contains a custom task which is not installed (registered) on the machine on which you're running DTS Package Compare. The COM component implementing the custom task needs to be registered in order for DTS Package Compare to be able to use it during the comparison.

    So the two main options are either to install that component locally to view that package; or to run DTS Package Compare on a machine on which the custom task is registered.

    Hope this helps,

    All the best,

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    That's true.
    I have Analyze service task (sql 2000) in that package on both servers. Analyse service is not install on my computer. I have sql 2005 full instaled, but not sql 2000.

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    Bart ReadBart Read Posts: 997 Silver 1
    Thanks for posting this. That error message needs updating, although it's correct about a required COM component being installed. The rest of it leaves something to be desired though. This will be fixed for the final release.

    Thanks again,
    Bart Read
    Principal Consultant
    bartread.com Ltd
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