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Indexes.Relational naming suggestion

clamk123clamk123 Posts: 40
I'm doing some primary key detection, by looking at the indexes of a table (Table.Indexes) and enumerating looking where PrimaryKey == true. There's a deprecated notation that, instead, the property is now part of the RelationalIndex class.

Searching through all the SDK information (is there one available specifically for the 10.0 SDK?), and after awhile I found it by enumerating through Indexes.Relational for each RelationalIndex.

It's different from all the other SDK enumerations I've been using. Usually its Table in Tables, Index in Indexes, etc.

Finding RelationalIndex in Indexes.Relational seemed to break this pattern.

Perhaps in the future the collection could be RelationalIndexes or something like that. It certainly was confusing when searching for it.


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    Hi clamk123,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will let our developers know of your request.

    Steve Tanori
    Product Support
    Red Gate Software Ltd.
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