Displaying minimum and maximum of execution time

Is there a way to view the minimum and maximum of a method's execution time?

I see 3.1 had this feature, but I cannot figure out how to display it in 7.0

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  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,274 Rose Gold 4
    Hi Cameron!

    Max and Min times are not available in the current version of ANTS Performance Profiler, though a request has been added to put these features back in.

    If need be, you can downgrade to ANTS Profiler v.3 (at http://www.red-gate.com/downgrade), which does provide these statistics. However, this version is missing a lot of the really useful stuff available in 7.0 and probably doesn't work on .NET 4.

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  • dene.boultondene.boulton Posts: 42 Bronze 1
    This is not exactly what you are requesting, as this requires some manual inspection.
    When you are select a method, green timing bars are displayed in the upper region of the timeline.
    These bars represent the times the method was run - if the method was run 3 times, 3 bars will be shown.
    You can click on each bar which will narrow the timeline region to the start/end time of that method bar, and all times will be updated (for that method it will be the time taken for that 'hit' of the method).
    Dene Boulton
    Red Gate
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