SSMS crashing on single database refresh after upgr

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I am having an issue with SSMS crashing after upgrade. The issue seems limited to only a single database. The version before (I haven't a clue what it was, but it was up to date) had no issues.

I currently have 11 local databases linked to TFS 2010 in dedicated mode. When I open SSMS and connect to "(local)", my Object Explorer expanded shows my 11 databases with the green "database" with a grey circle (indicating a need for refresh). I can click 10 of these in any order, all in immediate succession or await the last click's refresh to finish. It doesn't appear to have any issues. Three of these 10 databases have changes and they appear correctly.

However, one particular database causes SSMS to crash. It does not matter when I click on it (first, middle, last, await previous refresh, in immediate succession). It will refresh for around 5 seconds (with the blue and white icon indicating the refresh), then SSMS closes with no errors, no warnings, etc.

I do not know if there is a log or any procedure that I can do to help further debug this issue, but it is preventing a very large project of mine from being checked-in, so any help is appreciated.

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