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Support for binary data (images)

jlebrightjlebright Posts: 2
Is there any support in this tool for images as sample data? I have a table that stores image data and I want to insert test data for that table. I know best practices say store images on the server with only a path to it but I don't have control over that aspect. I just want to know if this tool supports image data generation or not - the images need not be anything specific, even simple single-color-filled images of different sizes would do... In the end I would be interested in having sample data for 2million+ rows.

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    Thanks for your post. There is, however you would need to use the correct generator and point at a folder that contains a number of images you already have.

    More information is available on our website, the link of which is detailed below:

    http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/c ... generators

    You're specifically looking at the File Import Generator.


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