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Memory Optimisation Problem

ak98ak98 Posts: 8 Bronze 2
edited April 16, 2012 2:24PM in SmartAssembly
Using the setting to reduce memory allocated to your software (Other Optimisations) can cause memory allocation problems within terminal service sessions when memory is sparse(typically a 32 bit server running as terminal server and hosting Sql server and all desktop business software). I have run into the problem where dynamic memory allocation is basically coming from servers paging file. This greatly slows any application that requests memory and releases it back to the system. Each dynamic request for even just a few meg of memory can take a couple of seconds. Using the setting to reduce memory although intuitively should yield better performance, actually reduces the performance dramatically - in my app 30 seconds for retrieving information from database and displaying on a form(normally 1.5 sec max).
Can I request that there be added an option to disable the memory optimisation via Api Switch setting so we can implement option for end users when this situation is occurring. I do not want to disable the memoryoptimisation application wide to cover a few edge cases and being able to disable within the application would allow covering all bases.


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