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Obfuscation don't rename local variable

rocchellidrocchellid Posts: 8 Bronze 1
edited April 11, 2012 9:39AM in SmartAssembly
Obfuscation is set to:

I want obfuscate using Unicode ...
I want to usa advanced renaming ...

but in code proced I see thet all local variable passed in argument have original name

public bool CambiaPercorso(clsMissione Missione, clsSegmento ProssimoSegmento, List<clsSegmento> SegmentiBloccati, List<clsSegmento> ProssimiSegmentiVeicoliBloccati)

public bool CambiaPercorso(clsMissione aaa, clsSegmento bbb, List<clsSegmento> ccc, List<clsSegmento> ddd)



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    Which version of SmartAssembly are you using? Method parameters are obfuscated starting in version 6.6.2.

    Alternatively, you could turn on pruning, which will prune all the method parameter names it can
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    rocchellidrocchellid Posts: 8 Bronze 1
    Version is and pruning is already active ...
    Dll is made by VS 2010 in C#

    I see that in private method, paramenters are renamed but a very similar name Veicolo becames veicolo1.
    Only local (private in class) variable method and properties seems to be obfuscated as requested ...
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    If a method is not obfuscated for whatever reason, then the method parameters are not obfuscated. This is so named parameters, reflection, and the like still work.

    Bear in mind that, without pdbs, local variables have no names at all. The name displayed in a decompiler is inferred from the type name and operations that act on that variable.
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