Media family incorrectly formed...Restore filelist ...

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edited April 5, 2012 10:29AM in SQL Storage Compress 6
I just backed up msdb locally using SQL Backup.
I fired up SQL Storage Compress and I get an error in the gui:
The media family on device 'G:\Restore\Full_(local)_msdb_20120404_173056.sqb' is incorrectly formed.  SQL Server cannot process this media family.
RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally.
The server has been restarted since my last successful compressed restore.
Is this related to the service starting before SQL Server?


  • I am linking this to an issue regarding compatibility with the curent hardware. If I move the file to the E drive, the restore is successful. If I copy the file back again to the G drive, the same error is encountered.

    So...we have a 3.27TB raid that doesn't play nice with SSC.

    If anyone else has hardware issues like this, drop a note. I've had an open item with support for this drive for over 2 months.
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