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Hi Fred,

I see what you mean. If you apply a filter to the results, and the
filter does not include the current selection, the currently-selected
database object's SQL stays in the SQL Window if there aren't any more
different tables in the difference list.


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"Fred" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> LS,
> If I have sync'd the databases and the = button is off (so that no equal
> tables are shown), the result screen remains.
> Lets say I have a table A with a difference. After the compare I press the
> button to turn it off. Now I only see table A (since that is the only
> with a difference). Now I choose the Synchronize button and set the option
> 'Recompare after update' (or something like that). The top part of the
> screen becomes empty (since there are no more differences) but the lower
> part of the screen keeps showing the previous difference.
> Regards,
> Fred Schenk
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