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Is there a way to implement filters in comparison? I deal with extremely large tables (DW) and I would like to compare for example only records that have value in a column larger then @parameter



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    Good question. You could make an indexed view on the table and compare the indexed views instead. Normally you can also synchronize through the indexed views and that will update the underlying tables.

    In some rare circumstances you would need to implement an INSTEAD OF trigger.

    The other option would be to write a Toolkit application using SelectionDelegate (look up Horizontal filter in the KnowledgeBase forum to see the example) but the difference is that initially you would still need to compare all records in the table. The filtering is done when the migration SQL is created by filtering out the records with the set criteria.

    Definitely an indexed view is the way to go, if you have the expertise and the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server!
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