Subversion Switching

Are there any plans to introduce switching in Subversion to SQL Source Control?

Right now the only way i see to do this is to unlink from the current repository and link to the new repository. This is extra steps having to be done and behind the screens alot of extra bandwidth as on unlink it deletes the data and then has to re download it all on link.

I would imagine that until a conflict editor is built into SQL Source Control it would be difficult to switch where conflicts happen.

Please let me know if this is a requirement and where in the development process it is at.



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    Thanks for your question. Can I ask why you perform a 'switch'? Is it in connection with branching your database?

    If so, we are currently considering ways for SQL Source Control to better support workflows where users want to branch regularly.

    It would really help if you could you explain the workflow you go through when you 'switch', and then we can endeavour to take this into account when we design the new feature.

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  • Can I also ask you to drop by the SQL Source Control UserVoice forum and submit this as a feature request, with as much information as possible about your situation? ... ce-control

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  • You are correct in your assumption of why i would be looking to perform a switch. The project i work on branches regularly.

    There are two different work flows that come to mind for what we would be looking to achieve.

    The first would be validating bugs.

    We branch our database for each version of our product and when bugs come in and we need to validate them and in order to do so we have to make sure our database is on the right version. The easiest way to do this would be to use SQL source control to switch between tags of the database version.

    The second would be for large or off topic requirements.

    For large requirements or r&d type work we would make a branch of the database to keep separate from the main version that is being worked on.

    I hope this helps answer your questions.

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