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REF: Sticky titled "SQL Prompt 5.2.6 with initial synonym suggestions"

NOTE: As at March 14th, 2012 this is a download for, NOT 5.2.6 - check the Version Number in Properties of file C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 5\RedGate.SQLPrompt.SSMSUI.dll[/url]
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  • Hi PDinCA,

    Yes, you're right. is now the latest version, although I haven't yet added a forum post for it. That link above pointed to the latest download, not 5.2.6 specifically. I've changed it now to avoid confusion.


    P.S. I know from your other post that you've been having some weird login issues that seemed to appear first in 5.2.8. We're still investigating that one as it is puzzling.
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